Coin Master Free Spins Daily Links [November 2020]

If you are a fan of online games, fun, and excitement, we have just the right one for you. Coin master is your casual, one-player, go-to game for limitless enjoyment and surprises. Once you download the game and join over 80 million other players, you might be wondering how to get play and how to advance in levels, and wonder about Coin Master Free Spins. This article will introduce you to the basics of the game, show you some tricks, some coin master hacks, and help answer your questions on how to get free spins on coin master.

What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a game that was first released in 2010, but it only climaxed last year after the company released another trailer on YouTube. Shortly after that, it exploded all over social media, and everyone was obsessed with this game.

In this game, the purpose is to gain more coins each time, so you can upgrade your tools and build your village to advance to the next level each time.

How many levels are there in Coin Master?

After the update in June 2020, Coin Master officially has 266 levels in the game. Then they updated it again in August 2020, and the levels went down to 264 villages. The village of the first level is called Land of Vikings, and the village of the last level (264th level) is called Bollywood By Coin Master – Wikipedia.

Each player can move forward to the next level, which is the next village, once they finish building their village entirely. Each level gets more demanding and more challenging, and it takes more focus than the previous one, but it is also more exciting.

Villages in Coin Master: Free Spins and Coins have five main subjects, which are the following:

  • Pets
  • Characters
  • Buildings (homes)
  • Transportation
  • Nature related items


How can I gain coins on Coin Master?

In this party, I answer to your question: how to get free spins on coin master? there are multiple methods and coins tips for coin collection in this game. You can gain more coins to level up from one village to the next, such as using village link coin master or looking up coin master daily free spins link today for each day they log into the game.

There are three primary ways you can earn coins:

  • Spinning the slots machines
  • Attacking other players’ villages and spaces
  • Raiding other players’ spots as well

You can also log in each day and claim your spins from the coin master free spins today and every day you want to play.


Daily links for free spins and coins

How to play coin master:

The guide to playing Coin Master: Free Spins and Coins is straightforward. When you download the game and log in for the first time, you will find a short tutorial to guide you on how to play and show you the essentials. After that, you are free to use your knowledge and play using your skills and strategies.

The first thing you would usually do is start building your village. Each village in this game serves as a level. When you start building your first village, you will have to complete five buildings before advancing to the next village (next level). Each building you construct must reach a five-star rating. If one of them is below that level, you cannot advance and upgrade to the next village.

It would be best if you had coins to upgrade your buildings to reach that five-star rating, each level of upgrade requires more coins, and it keeps on getting more “expensive” and consumes more coins the further you go in this game, and the higher you advance in levels. These buildings are nothing but a representation of your progress in the game, and you can attack others by attacking their buildings, as they can do the same for you.

Once you log in, the game allows you to use daily links for free spins and free spins and coin links and collect more coins each round. Use as many hacks and links you can to collect more coins, so you can make it easier for you to advance from Land of Vikings (the first level) to the next one until you reach the village of the last level, which is Bollywood.

As we explained earlier in the article, you can gain coins by attacking the other layer’s village, if you get the hammer symbol on the slots machine. Moreover, this is one of the basic playing moves. If you get the pig bandit, you get to raid a chosen player’s village and steal some coins from his stash.

These two actions will happen at the slots machine. You can spin as many times as you want, as long as you have free spins available. You can also buy this latter by using spins and coins for coin hack or following other game links daily.


To ensure that your village is safe from attacks, and your buildings will not be in danger, protect yourself using a shield. This is also something you can at the slots machine.

Revenge is better served cold:

When you are playing in peace and notice that someone has attacked your village successfully, you would want to get back at him or her. Head to the slots machine, and give it a couple of spins until you get a full set of the hammer symbol, and that way, you can get your revenge and collect back more coins that you lost when you were under attack.

Notice the revenge button at the top of the screen, once you click it, the game will show you a list of players who attacked your village, and you can choose which player to attack first.

Each time you get the hammer symbols at the slots machine (a full set), you can head to one player’s village and attack their buildings and hurt their coin stash. If you have enough spins in your game account, you can try the slots again more than once, and try to get a full set of the hammer symbol multiple times to attack numerous players.

In case you still have some revenge fire within you, but you ran out of spins, you can use a coin master generator online cheat to receive more spins and more coins.

The slots machines:

This is an exciting part of the game and the most common one as well. You will spend a lot of your playing time spinning these machines. You can get to this by choosing from the main menu inside the game. Or you can do so by swiping down the screen from the main village screen to reach it.

You have a limited number of spins each time you play, and you can check how many spins you have available under the slots machine before you spin any round. Each round you play with them, the number of your spins decreases until they reach zero spins. You have to wait again until it regenerates new ones.

You can use coin master free spin(s) link(s), coin master daily free spins, get coin master free spins, increase your spins, or learn a coin master free spins hack for better chances higher number of spins.

What are the different reels on the slot machine?

The slot machines in Coin Master have four reels, and each one has different symbols. If you are lucky enough to get the same characters in one spin, you will immediately collect your prize or act. Here are the different symbols and their significance in this game:

The bag of coins:

Coin Master: Free Spins and Coins [Daily Links]

The meaning of this symbol is quite literal. Landing this symbol when you spin allows you to get more coins. And unlike the other characters, you do not have to get three bags in a row to perform the action or gain coins. Each time you get one bag of this symbol, you collect a certain number of coins. Getting three sacks in a row means a bigger prize, of course, than getting one bag at a time.

Some players tend to hack unlimited free coins instead, and there is also a coin master 400 spin link, 50,000 free spins coin master, and pirate kings free spins in the game; you need to know where and how to get them.

The hammer (Attacking Other Players’ Buildings):

Coin Master: Free Spins and Coins [Daily Links]

If you get the hammer symbol, which looks like Thor’s hammer, you can successfully raid any village you want among the other players. The chosen player’s village will appear on your screen, and you get to choose which of their buildings to attack and destroy. Keep in mind that each building in the village has a certain level of stars, and once you attack it, those star levels will decrease, and you will gain more coins thanks to each raid you make.

If your coin master account is linked to your Facebook account, you can choose a player from your friends’ list to raid their village. If you did not link your Facebook account to your Coin Master account, the game itself would pick a random player’s village for you to raid. After you complete your attack, you will get to collect some coins. You can also follow some links for coin master free spins and coins.

If you run out of spins before raiding your friend’s village, for example, wait until the next day. The game has daily coin master free spins, so if you run out of spins for the day, you can wait for them to regenerate the next day and try again. But if you want to keep playing when all your spins are consumed, you can use link master to gain more.

The Pig bandit (Performing Raid on other players’ Villages):

Coin Master: Free Spins and Coins [Daily Links]

This symbol is a smiling pig wearing a bandit. If you get matching symbols at once, it will allow you to raid the current coin master immediately. Unlike with the hammer, the pig bandit does not allow you to choose what village to raid, and that is why we said the current Coin Master: Free Spins and Coins. At the top, you will already have an assigned village that belongs to a specific player, after getting matching symbols; the game will direct you to that village immediately for the raid.

Once you arrive at the player’s village that you are supposed to raid, you will not attack the buildings. Instead, you will dig up holes. You will find different spots marked with big X’s, and you will have a shovel and dig three of those spots. You will find various amounts of coins, and each one you take will be taken from your victim’s coin count.

The shield (Defending Your Village):

As the name suggests, a shield offers protection. Getting a shield on the slots machine means you can protect your village from other players’ attacks.

You can own up to three shields all at once, which means you will be safe from three possible attacks by other players because each shield offers one-time protection. Therefore, if you have a shield and under attack, your buildings would not lose their rating levels. The same rule applies in the opposite case. If you are attacking a player’s village using your hammer and a shield or more already protect it, you will gain several coins, but you will not harm their village, nor will you decrease their buildings’ ratings.

NOTE: Having a shield means you are safe from an attack, but it does not offer any protection from raids. If you have a shield, a player cannot attack your buildings, but they can still perform a raid on your village and cost you some gains.

The energy capsule:

If you get the energy capsule symbol, it is as if you have the coin master free spin link, because it means you have the right to make 10 spins coin master free, without spending your coins.

Multiplying your reward by betting:

Once you gathered enough number of spins, you have the right to place a bet. Once you do that, the slots machine will use multiple spins on each slot, which would increase your chances of winning at the machine. If you get similar symbols, the bet you made will multiply the reward you get from the machine.

Chests in Coin Master:

Chests are items you can purchase in the game from the game store in exchange for coins, of course. Think of it as the magic box; the more coins you spend on more expensive chests, the bigger the surprise and the more value it adds to your village score. You can get cards, bonus spins, pet snacks, and pet XP as well. The cards you gain from these chests depend on how much you pay for them.

If you purchase an expensive chest, you have bigger odds of gaining a high-level card. However, if you are buying a less expensive chest or a cheap chest, you will end up with a low-level card.


As we explained earlier, you get cards when you purchase chests. Besides, each chest has a different value card, depending on how many coins you spend on buying it. The cards collections are of different themes, and each theme has nine cards that constitute it. If you want to complete your collection, make sure you purchase more chests. Some players tend to spend fewer coins on chests to gain cards that do not have a high value to complete their collection. Once you have completed your cards’ collection, the game will reward you with different bonuses, such as free spins, coins, and pets.

Chests differ in value because they contain different numbers of cards. Therefore, the more expensive it is, the more cards it has, and the higher its value. If you are still in the first game levels, the cards will not be as valuable as cards at higher levels. The value of the cards you obtain from opening the chests depends on the village you have.

The more you advance, the more you increase your chances of getting unique cards such as the Gold card. This latter is rare compared to other collections, and the game will offer a bigger reward upon the completion of the Gold Cards collection than upon completing other card collections.

NOTE: an essential fact about cards is that they are a massive trading business in the game. You can send five cards to your friends each day and trade with them to complete your collections. There are some Facebook groups and Coin Master Communities dedicated to such dealings, so make sure you join them if you want to increase your chances of completing your collections fast and advancing in levels.

Different chests and cards:

As we mentioned, the more coins you spend on a chest, the higher your chances are in getting more cards with a higher value. Here are some types of chests you will find in the in-game store:

Wooden chest:

This chest is not available until you reach the third level village. It usually contains two cards, and there is an 86 % chance that the card you will get has a one-star rating only.

The Golden chest:

This chest is also available once you reach the third level, and it usually offers 4 cards. If you get lucky with this one, you have a 99.5 % chance of getting a 3 stars rating card from it.

The magical chest:

The name magical is on point because this chest contains 8 cards, and you have a 99.5 % chance of getting a 3 stars rating and a 4 stars rating cards from it. It is also not available until you reach the third village.

The small lucky chest:

This chest is available at the fourth level store, and it offers 6 cards with 99.5 % chance of getting a 4 stars rating and a 5 stars rating and a 1.4 chance of getting a Joker card.

The Valentine’s chest:

You can get the valentine’s chest starting from level 30. It offers 6 cards, and it has a 99 % chance of granting you a 4 stars rating, a 5 stars rating star, and a 4 % chance of getting a Joker card.

The big lucky chest:

This chest is available at level 30, and it is called big lucky because it has a 14 % chance of granting you the Joker card, which is a higher percentage than the other chests. It contains 8 cards, and you have a 99 % chance of getting a 4 stars rating card out of it.

The Viking chest:

This type of chest is available at the 70th village and it offers 6 cards only. However, you have an 89.6 % chance of landing a 5 stars rating card in this one.

The fortune chest:

This chest deserves the name it has because it offers you a 100 % chance of gaining a 3 stars rating, a 4 stars rating, and a 5 stars rating star among the 6 cards it has. However, you will have the reach the 100th level to get access to this chest in the store.

The epic chest:

The epic chest is not available until you reach the 130th level. It has 0 % chances of offering a Joker card and a 99.5 % chance of providing 4 stars rating and 5 stars rating cards from the 6 cards it contains.

free pet snacks coin master:

You can only get free pet snacks coin master from the mystery and the valentine’s chest. The last one is not available until you reach the 30th level.

The Joker card:

The joker card is scarce, and the possibility of obtaining is extremely low, as you might have noticed in the previous section. You can get it either by trying your luck with the chests or by attending Coin master events.

This card is unique because you can transform into whatever card you desire, even if the Gold one. However, keep in mind that the joker card has a time limit, if you do not use it at the right time, it will expire, and you will lose the chance of using it.

Chests and bonus spins:

If you want to get more spins, purchase the Ruby, Emerald, and sapphire chests. These three have a fixed probability of granting you bonus spins. As for the other chests (Mystery chest, valentine’s chest, small lucky chest, big lucky chest, big Easter chest, and small Easter chest), the probability of getting bonus spins depends on the current level you are in.

Chests and pet XP:

Pet XP works the same way as bonus spins. The more you advance in levels, the higher your chances are of getting a pet XP from the chests.


To get a pet, tap on the egg at the bottom of the slots machine, and it will hatch and provide a cute little creature. These pets will accompany you in your raids and attacks on the other villages, and they would give you bonuses, such as increasing your coins. It is as if they are saying, “use our coin master hack.”

However, their bonuses will only be active for four hours, before your pet takes a long nap, depriving you of both their company and their gifts.

If you want to wake your pet from their sleep earlier, you can purchase treats and provide your pets with them. If you get treats from the slots machine, you will get that latter and the usual reward you would get from the spin. If you want to upgrade your pets’ effect, you can boost their treat with XP. You can also get it from the slots machine or the chests, for example.

Here are some of the pets you will gain in this game:

  • Foxy:

You will be able to get Foxy on the fourth level, and it will be the most beneficial pet in the game. Foxy will give you an extra shovel each time you go on a raid, which allows digging more homes in the other player’s village and gaining more coins.

  • Rhino:

If you manage to unlock a rhino, you are safe from other players’ attacks for a while, because there is a 10 % chance that your rhino will block the attack entirely. A rhino’s functions are similar to those of a shield, and if you boost it with XP, the protection level increases.

  • Tiger:

Your tiger will boost the number of coins you gain from the attacks you perform on other players’ villages. If you grow your pet with potions, their coin booting abilities will increase as well.

NOTE: When you download the game for the first time, try playing as a guest first. That will give you the chance to get used to the game, familiarize yourself with the process, and then log in with your Facebook account.

You should also look up some mastery coin master links and websites to learn more about the game and give yourself a head start. Learn to use the Coin Master spin and coin tools to advance faster in levels.

Is Coin Master a violent game?

Although players get to attack other players’ villages and raid them, this game is still friendly. The drawings and graphics are soft and do not show any violent or bloody scenes or characters.


Coin Master: Coin Master Free Spins is a fun game that went viral these couple of years. Once you download it, there will be many challenges ahead of you in the game, which would excite you and challenge your abilities. The essentials you should work on is gaining coins, and there are several ways to do so, such as the slots machine, raids, and attacks.

The game holds many surprises for players, such as cards, chests, and pets. You can use different hacks, daily links, and various tricks to advance fast, and use it in your advantage to attack other players’ villages as well. Make sure you finish you five buildings quickly, ensure a 5 stars rating so you can advance, and use protection tools such as shields to prevent attacks from other players.